Custom Iron-On Patches and also Leather Don’t Mix!

So you have your wonderful natural leather coat, and you want to tailor it with some terrific-looking custom patches. You do not intend to trouble with sewing, or you do not have a maker that can handle stitching leather. No issue, you’ll simply get custom iron-on patches and also be great to go?


The combination of iron-on patches as well as leather is not a satisfied marital relationship.
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At ideal, the patch will not adhere. At worst, you’ll harm or potentially even ruin an excellent leather jacket.

Why Custom Iron-On Patches and Leather Don’t Mix
As the song claims, some like it hot. Leather does not. The iron temperature required to thaw the adhesive utilized on custom iron-on patches is just too expensive. If that weren’t sufficient, the natural leather is too slippery for the glue, which isn’t developed for the surface. At best, your patch will not adhere to the coat. At worst, you’ll shed the leather or burn, and possibly need to manage blobs of partially thawed adhesive also.

OK, if leather’s out, why not just go with synthetic natural leather? Get the look, as well as the patch, with much less problem?

That’s not an iron-on option either. Fake natural leather is prone to melting under that heats required to glue on a patch. As well as if you’re thinking about a nylon jacket instead, fail to remember that too. Same thing. You don’t intend to have to manage both a messed up garment and also a (actual) hot mess of an iron at the same time.

A Stitch In Time …
If you’re dedicated to including patches to leather– either actual or fake– or nylon, the just secure option is the traditional combination of needle and also thread. Custom iron-on patches just aren’t suggested for these products.

Do not be daunted by the suggestion of stitching a patch onto a jacket. It’s simple. If you actually do not intend to do it yourself, it’s easy to discover a local dressmaker store that can do it for you for just a little fee. It’s worthwhile to obtain your patches connected correctly to your garment and also looking great!

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