Am I a Fortune Teller or Intellect Reader? The Psychology of Self Work and Good results

The value of seeking at psychology and identity types in the workplace – or for any vocation choice – is paramount to predicting no matter whether a person’s job route or enterprise will be effective.

Am I a fortune teller or brain reader?

Okay, so you could consider of this as a peculiar title.

You may possibly also be asking yourself what on earth jogging a dwelling business or tiny organization has to do with fortune telling (a whole great deal, if you are a clairvoyant!)

Permit me explain to you a very little tale which may well help reveal…

Twelve months ago I was introduced to a girl, let us simply call her ‘Janine’.

Janine was a mate of a mate, and about to embark on a new small business enterprise.

It was a small business, no have to have to hire any person. It price tag Janine $seven,000 for the business enterprise.

I am curious by mother nature. I usually talk to thoughts about a particular person as I am truly intrigued in what they do and how they do it.
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We can always discover by some others, and I stay open minded about finding out new points every working day. I will not appreciate idle gossip, I just like hearing about other peoples journeys.

Anyway, I invested an enjoyable afternoon with my buddy and Janine for a few hours, in excess of lunch. When I obtained household my mate referred to as me to talk to what I considered of Janine. I was honest.

Now, permit me explain Janine for you to start with of all.

Janine experienced the following character attributes:

Naturally quiet
Did not appreciate networking
Hardly ever browse the paper or journals
A very little on the gloomy aspect (in other phrases not a positive gal)
Not very creative
Cherished treatments and was ‘The Queen’ of list generating
Hated taking hazards and was an superb saver
Did not participate in social media and hardly ever made use of Fb or twitter
Not a fan of change, pretty fond of the Position Quo (not the band, disgrace, I enjoy them).
I claimed to my buddy that in twelve months Janine’s organization would have unsuccessful. Janine would blame every person but herself for the failure. Janine would not seriously understand everything from her working experience and would say she was significantly better suited to a whole time position in any case.

My close friend laughed and, understanding me extremely perfectly, reported she was going to retain me up to date and in this circumstance hoped I was completely wrong.

Convey us forward six months later. What do you feel transpired to Janine?

The business failed (in fact it did not at any time really get off the ground). Janine blamed the corporation that sold her the business. She was now doing the job comprehensive time in the accounts department of a promoting enterprise and liked her task. My mate thinks I am a Fortune Teller! In actuality, she went as considerably as to acquire me a pack of tarot playing cards and counsel I start off a new enterprise in predicting the foreseeable future!

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