Interesting Facts About Toronto

Assume you know Toronto? Let us see how a lot you know. We have gathered forty five attention-grabbing enjoyable Toronto facts from a range of matters.

Geographic Points

one. Toronto covers 641 sq km and stretches forty three km from east to west and 21 km from north to south at its longest points. The perimeter is about a hundred and eighty km.

two. One particular quarter of Canada’s population lives inside of a a hundred and sixty km radius of Toronto

three. Toronto is in Southern Ontario which has shorelines on four of the five, Excellent Lakes and located, even more south than ten of the northern states of the Usa.

4. Toronto’s waterfront is seventy six.five meters over sea amount shoreline stretches forty three km (as the crow flies) or 138 km if you variable in the bays and islands

five. Best stage is 209 m (at intersection of Steeles Ave West and Keele St)

6. Most northerly point is the intersection of Steeles Ave E. and Pickering Town Line

seven. Most southerly point is Lake Ontario’s shoreline at the border concerning Toronto and Mississauga

eight. Most easterly stage is the assembly of the Rouge River and shoreline of Lake Ontario

9. Most westerly point is the intersection of Steeles Ave W. and Albion Highway

ten. Toronto is in plant hardiness zone six, and on the jap edge of the Carolinian Forest zone

eleven. There are 1500 parks and eight,000 hectares of parklands – (ravines, valleys, woodlots, waterfront organic spots, parks and farmland), or per cent of city’s place, there are also 187 km of bike paths, 7.eight km of pedestrian paths, and 3 million publicly owned trees

Economic Info

one. Toronto is the greatest and most significant economic centre in all of Canada and the fourth greatest in North The us. Only New York metropolis, Chicago and Los Angeles are larger sized.

2. Financial centre of Canada, 3rd greatest in North The us, employing 205,000 in fiscal sector

3. Toronto is property to Canada’s five most significant banking companies, 50 foreign lender subsidiaries and branches, and 112 securities corporations.

4. The film industry supports 28,000 work in Toronto and every year contributes $1.five billion to the overall economy

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Toronto’s tourism marketplace created $3.34 billion in immediate expenditures in the year 2000

six. There are about 87,900 tourism connected work opportunities in Toronto

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